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Auto Food Weigher™

Auto Food Weigher™

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Ensure Perfect Portions with Our Automatic  Food  Weigher Spoon

Five Weighing Units: Choose from g/ml/cup/fl.oz/oz to ensure precise measurement of your pet's food and water.

High Precision: Our electronic scale can measure up to 800g with an error value within 5g, ensuring accurate measurements every time.

LCD Digital Screen: Easy-to-read digital display with balance adjustment function and included CR2032 Button Lithium Battery.

Versatile: Suitable for measuring both solid and liquid pet food and water for all kinds of pets.

Keep Meals Accurate: With our automatic pet spoon weigher, you can ensure that your furry friend is getting the precise amount of food they need to stay healthy.

Struggling with managing your dogs weight? The Auto Food Weigher is not an all in 1 solution but its certainly a worthwhile investment for tracking all your dogs meals and snacks easily and quickly. The device will likely last many years so why not!?

Measuring dog food has never ever been easier. Automatically weigh meals, treats or whatever else you wanted to an incredible precision. Try it out today!

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