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Touchless Faucet Adapter Kit

Touchless Faucet Adapter Kit

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Keep germs & viruses away from your faucet with the motion sensor faucet adapter. It's an upgrade attachment for your faucet to prevent contamination of germs and save water. 😻Also helps your beloved cats to drink water on their own when thirsty, cats easily figure out how to turn on faucet.

Motion Sensor Faucet Adapter Touchless Faucet Sensor Kit

  • 100% Touch-Free & Automatic - Just place your hand under the spout and water will flow automatically. It's the easiest and most hygienic way to use the sink
  • 😻Cat Water Fountain - Cats find it easy to use when its thirsty and you will enjoy the convenience too. Give your cat fresh, clean water 24/7. 
  • No Waste - Faucet automatically shuts off the water when you pull your hands away. It's perfect for children and anyone who wants to conserve water.

Sensor Faucet Attachment Touchless Faucet Touch Faucet - Signal Faucet

  • For Better Home Hygiene - Avoid touch contact with the illness-causing germs that live on home appliances. It's the easy way to keep a healthier home.
  • Easy to Install - Easily installed on all universal faucets. All the tools you will need are included. No complex plumbing required.
  • Save Money No water waste means a lower utility bill for you! Only dispenses water when the sensor is activated intentionally, with no-drip loss.
Motion Sensor Faucet Adapter Touchless Faucet Sensor Kit - Factory Mart

"Works great! Keeps my hands clean without having to touch the faucet knobs. Upgrade worth it!" - Tina Noyes 

Motion Sensor Faucet Adapter Touchless Faucet Sensor Kit - Factory Mart

Is it compatible with my faucet?

Yes, it's universally compatible with all faucets and 6 sets of included adapters would make sure it fits perfectly on your faucet.

Does a single charge last for 6 months?

Yes, a single 3 hour charge lasts for 6 months with its built in 550mah batteries that are charged through standard micro-usb port.

How many modes of usage does this support?

Instant Mode- Triggered by bottom sensor within 3.94 inches for quick “hands in and out” water needs like hand washing, face washing etc.

Long Term Mode- Triggered by side sensor within 1.97 inches for long-term water needs like washing kitchenwares and water storage etc. Flow is stopped either by re-entering your hand near the side sensor or after 3 minutes flow stops automatically.

What safety features are in this device?

IPX6 waterproof, self-locking function, anti-overflow, ultra-low-power standby circuit, ultra-low-power drive solenoid valve.

What types of adapters are included?

Internal Thread Connector M20 x 1
Internal Thread Connector M22 x 1
Internal Thread Connector G1/2 x 1
External Thread Connector M20 x 1
External Thread Connector M22 x 1
External Thread Connector M24 x 1
Installation Wrench x 1
Seal Rings x 3

Motion Sensor Faucet Adapter Touchless Faucet Sensor Kit - Factory Mart

    To set up all you need to do is to attach the connector and click in the device. There’s no need for a plumber, anyone can install in a matter of minutes. Six different connectors ensures that it works with any type of faucet. Simply click the device into place on any bathroom or kitchen faucet and you’ve made your house more smart.

    92% of customers buy 2 or more!

    Motion Sensor Faucet Adapter Touchless Faucet Sensor Kit - Factory Mart

    Package Contents:
    1 x Motion Sensor Faucet Adapter
    1 x Installation Wrench 
    3 x Seal Rings
    6 x Adapters
    1 x Instruction Manual
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